Spain Trip 2006

March 8-17

Peter travelled to France and Spain with teammate Bennie Taylor. In France, he was hosted by BMS owner Cedric Bianchi (pictured at right), toured Peter Lenz & Cedric Bianchithe BMS factory, had a day of expo races with the French factory riders and also some time on the local tracks breaking in his 2006 6.2 BMS fresh from the factory.

In Spain, he attended the internationally attended (Spain, England, France, USA, etc) Minimoto event. This is an annual 'test and tune' 5 day event put on at the start of the season. On day 3, races are held at the Benidorm Kart Track. Peter participated in the Junior 'production' class which had 2 motos. He finished 6th in the first moto & 4th in the 2nd moto. There were upwards of 30 juniors in the race.

You can read more about Peter's adventures in Europe as told by Team owner, Ben Taylor on the BMS team website.

En Francais

Peter on his new 2006 BMS outside French Hotel
Peter on 2006 BMS in France

Peter is mentioned and photographed for local Montpellier paper from the French expo event

Closeup of newsphoto



Junior Riders

Peter Lenz - center

Peter Lenz in front